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Mediocrity can be a sign of excellence, and other stories

April 01, 2023 - 2208 words - 12 mins

Happy April 1st! This post is part of April Cools Club: an effort to publish genuine posts on topics our usual audience would find unexpected. The tech content will be back soon!

Over the many years I spent heavily involved in intern and full-time recruiting at $PREVIOUS_JOB, multiple people have commented something to the effect of: "How come Predrag always gets the best people?"

This post is a series of vignettes showing three of the less-obvious ideas that gave us an edge, read more

To ace exams, get better at the easy questions

April 01, 2022 - 1732 words - 9 mins
Happy April 1st! A group of folks and I decided to do something different this year: instead of publishing fake things, we’re publishing real posts on very different topics than our readers usually expect from our blogs. The tech content will be back soon! Check out the other April Cools posts here.… read more